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What to Wear

For Men:
We suggest a dark, solid jacket over a white or light colored shirt with a matching tie. If you prefer not to wear a jacket, a solid, medium colored long sleeve shirt photographs better than a white shirt. Be sure the shirt fits well and is not oversized. We prefer a tight filling shirt so we don't have to worry about it bunching up in the front. Please be sure you can button the top button of your jacket.

Please come with a fresh shave. Beard stubble is very difficult to retouch. If you wear facial hair, make sure it is well groomed.

For Women:
We suggest medium to dark, solid colors. A dark or medium colored jacket over a white or pastel blouse looks great. Avoid a light tone or color unless it is layered under a darker jacket.

Since your portrait will be use for several years, make sure that you will be comfortable with your hairstyle and color in the future. Simple jewelry and accessories works best. They should compliment your portrait and not distract by drawing too much attention.

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